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Professional Translation

For when safety, money or lives are at stake.

We provide accurate, professional translation services in many languages and for many specialty areas such as legal, medical, engineering, science, business and website localization. Our translators are experienced, trained linguists who translate into their native languages for a natural-sounding product.

What differentiates a professional translator from a bilingual or someone who has studied languages?

Basically, TRAINING, EXPERIENCE and SUBJECT-MATTER EXPERTISE. We use only professional translators in order to ensure top quality for your project. Just as you would not want to have a root canal done by a dentist who has never performed one before, you would not want to entrust your translations to a language student or untrained or inexperienced translator. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.


Translators often have degrees in translation, linguistics or languages. They are professional writers that recreate texts in the target language, which is their native language. Normally, they are fluent in the source language and have spent time living in a country where it is spoken.


Professional translators have translated hundreds of thousands of words or more. They know what the most common errors are and make sure to avoid them. They recognize problems in the source text that require clarification from the client.


Since translators must understand a text in order to translate it—and no one understands all subjects—the best translator for a job is one with subject-matter expertise. Many professional translators previously worked in other professions, such as medicine or law. They understand texts in their areas and can than translate them much better than someone unfamiliar with the field.

In the end, the most important translation skills are:

Understanding the source language and culture, and
Producing fluent text in the target language, with correct style and terminology for the target region and culture.

Being bilingual is simply not enough.

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